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A qualified ENT surgeon, Dr.Minesh H Khatri owning Kavyan Ent Hospital in Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad is one among the celebrated ENT Doctors, having practiced ENT specialization for many years. This medical practitioner's clinic was established in 2012 and since then, he has treated scores of patients not only from in and around the neighborhood but also from the neighboring areas as well. This medical professional is proficient in identifying, diagnosing and treating the various health issues and problems related to the ENT medical field. This doctor has the requisite knowledge and the expertise not just to address a diverse set of health ailments and conditions about Ear, Nose, and Throat but also to prevent them. As a trained medical professional, this doctor is also familiar with the latest advancements in the related field of ENT.

Kavyan Ent Hospital in Prahladnagar has a well-equipped and well-maintained hospital. It is sectioned into a waiting area for patients, where they can wait for their turn. This clinic has a consulting room, where this practitioner attends to patients during the consulting timings.

Usually, on the first visit, this practitioner thoroughly examines, understands and documents the patient's medical history and discusses the various health issues they are currently facing. Following this, the doctor may conduct some simple examinations to check and confirm the symptoms of the ailment. Required on the need he uses special instruments like video endoscopy and microscope to confirm the diagnosis. Based on these examinations, this surgeon prescribes a suitable course of action, be it medication or further diagnostic tests and if required surgery.

He is honest and sincere enough to guide the patient what is best for the patient's interest and favorable outcome.

This hospital works with a moto of 'patient first' To get the person out of the suffering he or she has come with to the doctor with the hope and faith that the doctor will bring his health back to normal, is the holy duty of the doctor. To maintain this faith and to deliver the best possible treatment is the principle and passion with which this hospital works.


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To expand the reach of kavyan ent hospital to everyone

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To keep society healthy and provide best health care possible in field of oto-rhino-laryngology.